September 06, 2019


A Tribe Called Blendz: Meet Our Founder/Chief Shaderator

Chase Fisher is the boss man behind Blendz. From surfing to Jerry Maguire, hear how the influences of his early years guided him to the path he's on now and helped inspire a life lived in forward motion.

Blenders: C Fish, you’re the big fish around here (wow, punz). People get that a company founder often plays a lot of different roles beyond hirings. What are some things you routinely do at Blendz that may surprise folks?

Chase: Every day presents a new challenge to barrel into here at Blendz, so I’m constantly adapting and wearing different hats. I’m working to grow the team, sure, but I’m also heavily involved in product design, marketing, partnerships, and brand direction. It’s both macro and micro.

Blenders: You got the idea for Blenders in a nightclub and, early on, sold shades out of your backpack on the beach while doubling as a surf coach. Tell us a bit about that time—the demands, the rewards, etc.

Chase: The last few years have been the most wild, demanding, beautiful ride, man. Entrepreneurship is truly the gnarliest self-discovery phase you can go through, but I wouldn't change it for anything. From slanging shades on the beach out of my backpack to now acting as a headline sponsor of huge events like SuperGirl Pro, it’s breathtaking to compare the “then” and “now.” Building a brand sometimes meant sleepless nights and barely breaking even, but Blendz is humming in the best way and we have a killer community that demands we never settle and always keep moving in forward motion.

Blenders: Starting a company is a wild thing. What aspect of this business would you say most staggered you?

Chase: Seeing how stacked the deck is against newcomers. One company owns roughly 80% of the entire market. When you’re a startup, that’s a stunning stat to think about—but it also acts as a driving force.

Blenders: Is there a role model or source of inspiration that kept you going? Like any business endeavor, for a while there, it was tough.

Chase: My best buds at Pura Vida served as an incredible source of inspiration; seeing them make things happen in the fashion space made me a believer. San Diego and its people, too, just generally—it feels like everyone is doing cool shit here, so why not join in? And then there’s my pops. Seeing his entrepreneurial spirit in action at a young age has left an indelible mark—he’s the savvy dude that saw Jerry Maguire, heard Cuba Gooding Jr. jubilantly scream, “SHOW ME THE MONEY!!,” and ran out and trademarked the phrase and made a business out of it. How dope is that?  


Blenders: Of all the pro athletes and celebs that have rocked a pair of Blendz, who have you been most stoked or surprised to see do so? 

Chase: Snoop Dogg’s been spotted in the early days of Blendz, hah, that was pretty crazy to see. Oh and Dwight Howard was seen last summer in some ‘Autumn Fires.’ But most recently, it’s been sick to have Lakey Peterson, Cam Fitzpatrick, Jessika Jensen, and Austin Keen officially join the team as Blendz ambassadors

Blenders: How’s that new office, chief? You recently made a big move to a fresh flagship retail location. 

Chase: Yessir! The new HQ and store is SOLID! We’re building more space in the back now which should give us even more growth. We’re 3 blocks from the beach and easily accessible now. If you’re in the area, come on by!

Blenders: What’s your favorite pair (or pairs) of Blendz?

I’m on the ‘Empire Collection’ kick. These are pretty sick and different for Blendz. ‘Sundance Tawny,’ ‘Dark Brook' and ‘Primo Extremo.’  

Sundance Tawny


Dark Brook


Primo Extremo



Blenders: What would you say is your favorite aspect of living in San Diego?

Chase: There are people in SD absolutely hustling but they still manage to stay chill, ya know? Ambition’s everywhere, but people are genuine. There’s just a level of authenticity that’s refreshing. And in-between the meetings and the daily grind, it’s easy to go for a surf.  

Blenders: Surfing’s in your blood. What break have you always wanted to experience, and which would you say is your fav?

Fav Break - Cloudbreak at Tavarua Island Resort, Fiji. Had been a lifelong dream of mine to surf it. Can't Wait to Surf - Mentawais, Indo.

Blenders: You get to cast yourself in any film or music video in history. Which one are ya choosing?

Chase: Put me in any ‘Sarah Michelle Gellar’ movie back in the late 90s or early 2000s. She was my kryptonite, especially in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She slayed vampires and our hearts. 



Blenders: Imagine you have an extra hour in your day, every day. What would you do with that time?

Chase: Hit the surf, without a doubt. Maybe also find something new to challenge myself with outside the water, too, like I did recently with boxing. Remember: Being bad at shit is the first step toward being good. Don’t be afraid to get humbled.

Blenders: So what’s next for the company, boss?

Chase: Let’s see: 1. More RADNESS. 2. New partners, new athletes. 3. More customer smiles. 4. More retail stores in more cities. 5. New steezy, off-the-charts products and categories. 2020 is going to change the damn game for Blendz. Lets Go!

July 23, 2019


A Tribe Called Blendz: Meet Our Design Dream Team

Our fam here is growing and shining brighter every month. In the last installment of our “Tribe Called Blendz” feature, you heard how our chief content coordinators, Jordan and Jayden, create such a sick sense of community around here. This time, though? It’s all about our design dream team.

Meet DK and Vanessa, the dynamic duo behind our dope designs!




Blenders: DK, tell the good people out there what you do here at Blenders. 

DK: I’m one of the designers here at Blenders Eyewear and it’s part of my job to help our company communicate what our brand stands for and why our products are like no other in visually, creative ways. Whether that’s through Instagram stories, new colorways for frames or even a simple bar flyer you’ll find at a local Pacific Beach bar, every design has to visually represent us so when you come in contact with it you know instantly it’s from Blendz. Designing for Blenders goes hand in hand with adapting our beliefs to my own lifestyle. We have many culture codes here, but our main one is living life in forward motion. Whether that’s doing extreme sports, traveling or just doing your best in your day-to-day activities to learn from experiences, it means bettering your craft and being the best version of yourself. We’re constantly pushing our designs, trying out new styles and pushing our visuals to keep pace with our growing company. 

Blenders: Where do you find yourself pulling design inspiration from? Any particular sources?

DK: I pull a lot of inspiration from tons of different types of YouTube videos that range from music videos, travel vlogs, DIY remodels, etc. All visually, musically and intuitively inspiring.

Blenders: You get to cast yourself in any role in any film in history. Which one are ya choosing?

DK: I would want to be cast as Jordan Belfort from Wolf of Wall Street. Maybe not the most conventional way of gaining success nor the most honorable, but there’s something so captivating about someone willing to do whatever it takes to reach their goals—even if that means having to create an illegal path to reach it.

Blenders: What would you say is your favorite aspect of living in San Diego?

DK: San Diego is a large city with a small town feel. I was born and raised here so things have a familiarity to them, but because it’s constantly growing with more people moving here and new businesses popping up, things never stay stagnant. There’s just the right amount of change to keep you on your toes!

Blenders: It’s a big night out at the bar with friends. What’s your go-to karaoke bop?

DK: Boy With Luv by BTS (KPOP). I have no shame at my love for kpop. I pull a lot of design inspiration from this group, specifically! haha

Blenders: Imagine you have an extra hour in your day, every day. What would you do with that time?

DK: I would like to say I would be productive and try to pick up a new hobby, draw more, or even start working out, but realistically I probably would use it sleeping.

Blenders: What’s your favorite pair (or pairs) of Blendz?

DK: Dixieland Grand, and Nocturnal Q.





Nocturnal Q 




Blenders: Vanessa, let everyone know what you do here at Blenders.

Vanessa: I can honestly say I dabble in a bit of everything, whether its designing some sunnies, coming up with content, or editing some imagery—call me the Blenders Bumble Bee. My main bread and butter (yum) is designing marketing assets. I would say I’m pretty instrumental when it comes to making sure Blenders is shown and represented the way it wants to be. I make sure Blenders is authentically itself in all things design, which is easy to do when you believe in the core values of the company yourself.

Blenders: Where do you find yourself pulling design inspiration from?

Vanessa: I pull inspiration from all the different shapes I find in Hot Cheetos and Chase Fisher’s outfits. JUST KIDDING! Most of my inspo comes from my Latin background, festival outfits, clothing brands, and most importantly my lava lamp. 

Blenders: What would you say is your favorite aspect of living in San Diego?

Vanessa: I liked it when it was Sun Diego but recently its been Gray Diego. As cliche as it sounds my favorite place in the world is the beach and San Diego has one for all your moods and vibes.

Blenders: Imagine you have your own “Freaky Friday” moment. Who are ya wanting to swap places with?

Vanessa: There is this Weiner dog I know named Lola. She lives on a boat, travels the world.

Blenders: Craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Vanessa:  Was pretty scared of heights until my best friend forced me to jump out of a plane… liked it so much I went back for my solo jump.

Blenders: You can travel back in time to any era. You a Roaring 20s kinda person? Trying to ride a dinosaur? Tell us when.

Vanessa: Hands down, without a doubt the 70s. I love their fashion and I dress like that now but with a modern spin. Also, they raged pretty hard in the 70s.

Blenders: Most cringeworthy memory from grade school?


Blenders: Imagine you have an extra hour in your day, every day. What would you do with that time?

Vanessa: I would treasure hunt.

Blenders: Favorite pair(s) of Blendz?

Vanessa: Whiskey Shiner, Diamond Mint, and Westside.


Whiskey Shiner



Diamond Mint





July 23, 2019


A Tribe Called Blendz: Meet Our Chief Content Coordinators

Get to know “J + J,” the crack team behind our content coordination, below:




Blenders: Jordan, tell the good people out there what you do here at Blenders.

Jordan: I am the Content Coordinator here at Blenders! That entails finding photographers and working closely with them to produce amazing imagery for our brand to use to showcase all the great products we sell! I also do some other things when I am available, such as helping out in retail and discovering athletes! Not my job, but I love this place and I am willing to help where I can!

Blenders: Fav thing about San Diego?

Jordan: The laid-back vibe I get from everyone that lives here! Or walking down the goat trail to go surf Blacks is pretty amazing.

Blenders: What’s that “bucket list” travel destination you’ve never been to?

Jordan: I would definitely like to travel to Oz and Bali strictly for the surf. I lived in J Bay for a year and still find myself being pulled back there, too, but those are the places I haven't been that I would love to see!

Blenders: Most cringeworthy memory from grade school?

Jordan: Most cringeworthy moment in grade school would be my whole 7th and 8th grade year being the chubby kid and being called Michelin man :( but it's allllll good, I shed the baby fat!

Blenders: You’re big time (like, even bigger time than you are now) and you’ve got a red carpet affair. Who are ya showing up with in a perfect world?

Jordan: I would show up to a red carpet event with Katy Schlemmer since it was probably her production we were there to celebrate/support.   **Ed. Note: Slick answer, Jordan.

Blenders: Imagine you need a walk-up song in baseball (or a WWE ring entrance jam, take your pick). What bop are you going with?

Jordan: Carry on Wayward Son solo by: Kansas. Specifically at 2min 45 seconds into the song.

Blenders: What are your Top 3 fav pairs of Blendz?

Jordan: Wild Delilah, Velvet Kay, Gold Mamba


Wild Delilah


Gold Mamba





Blenders: Sup, Jayden. What’s your role with Blendz?

Jayden: Well, my official title is ‘Social Media Coordinator.’ Basically, I’m in charge of managing all of our social media channels which entails posting only the steeziest content, engaging with our amazing blend heads and blenderettes, and most of all creating a rad community that we’re all proud of! 

Blenders: Fav thing about San Diego?

Jayden: The lifestyle. Everyone seems to enjoy life here more than anywhere else in the nation. Whether it be catching a sunset or paddling out for a surf, I just feel alive here in San Diego. I feel like I’m truly living here, not just existing. There’s a relaxed beach vibe with a perfect mix of hustle that you can’t find anywhere else. 

Blenders: Your “bucket list” travel destination?

Jayden: The Philippines! I’ve spent almost half a year in Southeast Asia but never got to experience The Philippines. There are 10,000+ islands there to explore and I’ve always wanted to find a private island to chill on for a day. 

Blenders: Imagine you have your own “Freaky Friday” moment. Who are ya wanting to swap places with?

Jayden: Laird Hamilton. The dude surfs 50+ foot waves with ease… Could you imagine that feeling?! I probably will never experience that in my life, so yeah, that’d be pretty epic. 

Blenders: Most cringeworthy memory from grade school?

Jayden: I had a crush on this girl and tried to start a tag game with her in PE. She tagged me back and I fell and broke my wrist on the first day of 5th grade… 

Blenders: Like Jordan, you’ve got a red carpet affair. Who ya taking?

Jayden: Oprah Winfrey, hands down. What a power move. 

Blenders: Walk-up song in baseball/ring entrance music?

Jayden: Eye of The Tiger - Survivor 

Blenders: Annnnd your Top 3 Blendz?

Jayden: Whiskey Shiner, Modern Architect, University Heights


Whiskey Shiner




University Heights


March 22, 2019



4x World Wake Surfing Champion, Ashley Kidd, has been out there carving a legacy. From championship runs to operating her own surfboard store and bikini line, she’s absolutely been living life in forward motion. 

Recently, we caught up with the Blenders Brand Ambassador for a little Q & A as part of women’s history month, wherein we talk championships, business, and style:


Blenders: What inspires you to  live life in forward motion as much as possible every week?

Ashley: Life can be ended at any second so always live up to your full potential and accomplish as much as you can!  


Blenders: Your first wake surfing contest was the World Wake Surfing Championship in 2010, where you nabbed second place. What did that immediate success do for your confidence?

Ashley: I actually entered that competition not knowing whether I was good at wake surfing or not so it was a huge surprise for me to be recognized and actually receive my first sponsor at that time. That first competition was the beginning of my wake surfing career from then on I went to competitions and competed in the pro level on the wake surfing circuit, so I guess you can say that competition definitely boosted my confidence and changed my life! 


Blenders: You’re now a 4X World Wake Surfing Champion. What was your favorite/most memorable pro competition and why?

Ashley: My favorite competition was the World Wake Surfing Championship in Las Vegas in 2014 when I won my first World title and Female athlete of the year award. It was literally the best feeling in the world!


Blenders: How fulfilling was it to become an entrepreneur (Cheekah Bikinis)?

Ashley: Knowing that I can start a business from nothing to something great was mind blowing to me. If you set your mind to something you can accomplish everything! I actually decided to close down Cheekah Bikinis because I realized that it wasn't my passion. It was a great experience that showed me I can run a company but it also really made me appreciate wake surfing so much more!


Blenders: What’s your fav pair of Blendz?

Ashley: I absolutely LOVE the A series and the Guava Queen North Park


Blenders: Imagine you need a walk-up song in baseball (or a WWE ring entrance jam, take your pick). What bop are you going with?

Ashley: Probably “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift because I would just walk in dancing... I know it's been so over played but it literally always puts me in a good mood lol.


Blenders: What’s your spirit animal?

Ashley: An Eagle! Haha, I am a strong person but also like being laid back and want to just fly around lol.

September 20, 2018



Organized by The Boardr and sponsored by Vans, the African Continental Championships park series went down this weekend in Cape Town and it gave South African hopefuls a chance to show out and earn a spot at the Park Series World Championships—and perhaps even the pro tour.

Ultimately, the Vans Park Series African Continental Championships that concluded Saturday, Sept. 15th was more than a regional showcase for local talent. It was a first-of-its-kind event in Africa that brought to life the area’s first public skate bowl. That’s the kind of sporting development we have a soft spot for, so we couldn’t help but shine a quick light on the results from this one.



  • All skaters must have met regional eligibility requirements
  • There’s a Vans Park Series iOS app
  • Skaters either went until they fell or until the 30-second timer ended
  • Four runs only
  • Five skater jams total, in order
  • Scoring was made based on “overall impression”
  • Only the top eight made it to the finals of a Jam
  • The oldest participant was Brett Shaw from Durban, South Africa at the age of 45
  • The youngest participant was Manoa Mayer from Cape Town, South Africa at the age of 12 (yup, 12!)



Competition was fierce but there could be only one. (How very Highlander of us.)

It was Yann Horowitz who came away with top honors… and if that name’s at least vaguely familiar to you, well, there’s probably a couple reasons for that.

But first, here’s how the primary results broke down:


1st Place

Yann Horowtiz, Age 27  

Ranked 379th

2nd Place

Thalente Biyela, Age 25  

Ranked 755th

3rd Place

Kalvyn Mac Millan, Age 29  

Ranked 603rd

Full contest results here.


Repping South Africa, the 27-year-old Horowitz stole the show and looks poised to advance beyond his 379th-ranked global ranking (remember, this isn’t the pro tour). Sponsored by the likes of adidas, Stance, RVCA, and Baseline Skateshop, Horowitz isn’t your average “outside the top 300”-type competitor. An outspoken ambassador for the game, Horowitz is a riser in South Africa and a guy that’s getting his voice heard. (He also happens to be gay but prefers to be known as a great skateboarder first-and-foremost; activist second). But no matter how you do or don’t know of him, he’s someone to watch.

You can follow Yann Horowtiz on Insta, @horoblitz.

P.S. The Vans Park Series Men’s Pro tour (going up a rung!) heads to Shanghai for the 2018 World Championships on October 26th-27th. As you can imagine, we’ll have some solid coverage for all of ya!

August 15, 2018


It's Summer Somewhere

From Hawaii to Haiti to countless points in-between, it's summer somewhere, Here are a few shots of Blenders  living in forward motion!



Maika being zen af here in what has to rank as a “Top 10” of summer poses.

Shades: Natty Ice Lime



The lenses of the 'Natty McNasty’ sunnies perfectly capture the hue of the ocean’s waves. Strong choice, Matt!

Shades: Natty McNasty



Blenders’ own Grace McLaughlin with a lil flower power and some seriously cutting-edge shades.

Shades: Wild Delilah 



Eiji checks in this summer with an absolutely jaw-dropping self-portrait shot thanks to an assist from @enchantingpixels. A little post-production magic—there was a 2x6 board spanning the rocks that was later edited out. Very cool!

Shades: Tipsy Goat Polarized



Jumping off boats into azure Haitian waters, all while rocking a sick, zero-curvature mirrored look? Just a day in the life for James.

Shades: Blue Phoenix



Sun, surf, and a cold brew—Jordan hit upon a tough-to-beat combo while drinking in the fierce competition at last month’s Super Girl Surf Pro in nearby Oceanside. Peep our recap of the event!

Shade: Rolling Dice



Stephanie looking radiant in ‘Autumn Fire’courtesy of @stephenplopper.

Shades: Autumn Fire 

August 10, 2018


5 of the best skate vids of all time

Not many of the great skate flicks are mainstream, plot-driven movies. While some popular films use skateboarding as a theme tied to an overarching drama/comedy (say, 1986’s Thrashin’ with Josh Brolin) or are focused affairs that follow a customary documentary format (2001’s Dogtown and Z Boys), other skateboarding culture pieces operate a bit differently.

Today, we’re diving deep with a list of five genre classics that prove you don’t need an established plot or a strictly defined structure in order to make an impact...




We’ll kick off with a piece that’s widely considered one of the most influential of all time. The first video ever directed by the uber-talented Spike Jonze ( Being John Malkovich, Adaptation, and, more recently, Her), Video Daysfocuses on a series of scenes of pros performing tricks, tied together by a fantastic soundtrack (Jonze would go on to direct a barrage of 90s music videos for Sonic Youth, The Beastie Boys, Daft Punk, etc.) and, in this case, the recurring appearance of a Blue Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight Regency.

Video Days features the likes of Guy Mariano, Jordan Richter, Mark Gonzales, and then-pro-skateboarder, Jason Lee ( Mallrats, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Clerks II, My Name is Earl) .In fact, it would be this cult classic that’d eventually catch the attention of director Kevin Smith, leading to Lee’s placement in Mallrats.



A product of Costa Mesa, California’s Plan B Skateboards (founded 1991), Virtual Reality premiered at the La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Arts on June 11, 1993 and followed the largely disconnected but inspired format of Video Days. At the time, the Plan B team was comprised of Danny Way, Rick Howard, Rodney Mullen, Colin McKay, Matt Hensley, Ryan Fabry, Pat Duffy, Mike Carroll, Sean Sheffey, Sal Barbier, Aaron Artis, and Tony Ferguson, although Carroll did not make an appearance in Virtual Reality.



Director Spike Jonze returned in ’96 to leave his indelible imprint on Girl Skateboard’s Mouse. Yet again, the soundtrack was a revelation to many— if you were, say, only listening to punk rock at the time, your mind got cracked open and filled with fresh wonder. However, it was the assembled talent that makes this one so enduring in skating culture: Mike Carroll, Rick Howard, Gino Iannuchi, Guy Mariano, Tim Gavin, Mike York, Chico Brenes, Daniel Castillo, Rudy Johnson, Eric Koston, and many more.

Speaking of Koston, feel free to peep our career retrospective!



Shorty’s would grow into one of the more prominent brands of the 1990s… but not before things hit critical mass with the drop of Fulfill the Dream in ’98. While this brand popularity would tail away near the start of the new millennium, Fulfill the Dreamstands strong to this day thanks to the contributions of the likes of Chad Muska, Peter Smolik, Steve Olson, Toan Nguyen, Aaron Snyder, Jesse Silvey, Brandon Turner, and Sammy Baptista.

P.S., here are some Shorty’s throwback photos from that era.



Alien Workshop, the independent skate company formed by Mike Hill, Chris Carter, and Neil Blender in 1990, felt a little extra ambitious around the turn of the millennium. In 2000, they teamed with Joe Castrucci to birth Photosynthesis, a skate flick in the vein of the aforementioned on this list—we’re talking a raw, real and gritty style with a scintillating soundtrack that helped shape the taste of music for many turn-of-the-century viewers.

Photosynthesisfeatures the considerable talents of Anthony Van Engelen, Anthony Pappalardo, Pat Corcoran, Jason Dill, Rob Dyrdek, Josh Kalis, Kerrry Getz, Mark Appleyard, Fred Gall, Danny Garcia, Tim O’Connor, Danny Way, and more. Fun fact: Dill claimed in 2014 that during his stint filming Photosynthesis, he consumed “a lot” of crack cocaine. Alrighty, then!

August 08, 2018



Three hundred world-class athletes—including the planet’s top surfers—took over Huntington Beach over the past nine days for a celebration of surfing and surf culture. There were outdoor movie showings, athlete meet-and-greets, concerts, and art installations.

Oh, and a lot of badass surfing.

It was the biggest surf event in North America this year and, now that it’s over, we wanted to hit you with results and highlights for anyone not fortunate enough to be in the area.

“Spoiler” alert: It was a special time for homegrown talent.


The Sunday finals of the Vans U.S. Open of Surfing saw two women left standing: current World #1 (and 6x world champion!), Stephanie Gilmore, versus Huntington Beach’s own Courtney Conlogue.

Spicing up this storyline is the fact that Conlogue was returning from injury. Despite this, she never pressed or appeared anxious. Instead, she wisely sat back and let Gilmore come out of the gate with fervor, the latter catching waves almost immediately but posting only decent scores. Conversely, Conlogue leveraged her knowledge of the area and wave behavior, grabbing and slicing the hell out of one of the best waves the final heat had to offer.

Ultimately, it led to a thrilling comeback victory for Conlogue.

"It's so great performing in front of my hometown," said Conlogue following the big win. "We spend so much time traveling during the season, and when you get your hometown vibe, there's nothing like it. You just absorb all that energy and use it as fuel for your fire."

"The win in 2009 was quite amazing for that time in my life, and now this one has its own special meaning for me. Coming back from injury, it's the first event I've felt 100 percent. Both of these wins here have been amazing and unforgettable.”

While Gilmore had to settle for runner-up, she managed to increase her lead in the 2018 World Title race.



It was a huge weekend for hometown heroes.

Like the women’s competition, the top of the podium on the men’s side was represented by Huntington Beach local, Kanoa Igarashi. He defeated Griffin Colapinto in an enthralling final, becoming the first back-to-back men’s U.S. Open winner since fellow Huntington Beach native, Brett Simpson.

The men’s final was a truly wild back-and-forth affair that opened with Colapinto scoring an impressive 8.00. The heat was on, and Igarashi’s initial 7.60 left him at a disadvantage. But he seized a chance in the waning minutes of the competition, stomping a reverse and laying claim to an 8.17 score in the final heat.

"That was the best heat I've ever had," exclaimed Igarashi. "On that last wave, I don't know, I felt like something just took over me and whatever I was going to do on that wave I was going to land it. When I stood up on that wave I knew I already had the score.”

"The whole contest I was just thinking about this final heat. I paced myself the whole time and let it all out at the end. It was a really hard heat, the waves were slow, but I just believed that Huntington was going to give me the waves and it did.”



Next week, the WSL Championship Tour reconvenes in beautiful Teahupoʻo, Tahiti in French Polynesia for the men’s Tahiti Pro starting this Sat, August 10!

July 17, 2018



Tom Schaar is the same as any other 18-year-old. Well, the same as any other 18-year-old that gets up in the morning, travels the globe for skateboarding competitions, and performs 1080s at the drop of a hat.

Yeah… see, that right there is the epitome of living in forward motion. Tom may have only barely graduated high school but the dude is so ahead of the curve it’s ridiculous. He landed the 1080—basically the holy-dang-grail of skateboarding tricks—at the tender age of 12, making him the first skateboarder to ever do so (he repeated the feat in competition in Tehachapi, Calif in March of 2012). That’s just delightfully absurd. And so, once we had the pleasure of meeting the young man who is now ranked 5th overall in the world, we knew we had to work with him more closely.

Today, we’re stoked to officially announce our sponsorship of Tom Schaar and the kickoff of the #BlendLikeTom campaign.




Tom’s the youngest X Games gold medalist in history—an eight-timer now, to be exact. He’s the youngest Dew Tour champion. The youngest Vans Pool Party champion.The youngest Austin X Games “Big Air” gold medalist.

Have we mentioned that he’s young?

In all seriousness though, we knew that our youth as a sunglasses company and Tom’s bright-eyed and optimistic outlook was the perfect fit. And it didn’t hurt that we’re both products of San Diego County, too. Hence, Blenders x Tom Schaar has become a thing—and we couldn’t be happier to grow together.




As part of the celebration of this partnership and ahead of Tom’s big appearance at X Games Minneapolis 2018 on July 22nd, we’re also launching the #BlendLikeTom campaign.

#BlendLikeTom gives you insight into the mind of the phenom—a peek at what he’s into and how he styles himself. Today, we’re revealing the savvy skateboarder’s three favorite pairs of Blenders shades:



Cheers to the future. Frames are forgotten on these revolutionary, progressive sunglasses. Instead, the matte-black Superflash lenses flow unimpeded to each edge. The absence of frames doesn’t mean a void of detailing, either—gunmetal accents appear on the interior and flow along the temples, capping off one of our finest designs to date.




These bad boys are ice cold. Crystal clear frames meet azure mirrored lenses for an aesthetic that turns heads and quickens pulses. You’re going to make a splash rocking the ‘Natty McNasty’sunnies—we guarantee it.



If you thought we would never name a pair of sunglasses after an inebriated farm animal, well, you don’t really know us at all, do you? But funny names and shenanigans aside, there’s good reason that Tom digs these shades so much—they look damn good. The polarized smoke lenses and citrus gray semi-transparent frames are a killer tandem.

Now, we can’t promise that rocking any of these three sunglasses will have you landing a 1080 any time soon, but we are positive you’ll be looking your best and ready to seize the day in any of Tom’s picks.

Stay Blended, friends, and remember to follow along as Tom competes at the highest level on July 22 in Minneapolis!

January 25, 2018



We’re gonna guess that most of you missed at least a few of the below articles and, well, you probably shouldn’t have.

After all, we’re certainly not the only ones posting good content on the web. From The Red Bulletin to Barstool, here is some of the best this month had to offer across sports, campus culture, and entrepreneurship.



Terry Crews is an everyman that does everything. A former NFL player turned TV and commercial star ( Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Old Spice), he’s also an author and a furniture designer, too. (Yes, really!)

Bonus: If you didn’t have a healthy enough appreciation of Terry Crews before, watch his Hot Ones interview here and just try not to love the man. 




The 31-year-old actress whom The Rock calls “tougher than new rope” is cool as hell, not afraid to drop a timely “f-bomb,” and redefining what it means to be a “Baywatch babe.”




Shout out to Barstool for writing a headline that also doubles as the synopsis—makes our job easier. But yeah, 50/50 whether this is cute or way overkill, but in his email (attached below) the dude seems pretty normal, so we’ll give the benefit of the doubt. And yes, he did find his Tinderella. Talk about shooting your shot!




The son of Willie Nelson, Lukas Nelson, opens up on spending much of his formative years in Maui, traveling with Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings in his youth, his love of surfing, and his burgeoning golf game.




You don’t have to be a pro to get close to Everest. Three Nepalese trekking guides spoke with The Red Bulletin to plan a thrilling four-day, three-night itinerary.



“Drink Talk Learn (DTL)” sweeps the nation, with topics including “Hidden Meanings in Classical Music — Acid Trips, Soviet Defiance, and Jaws,” “An Exploration of Shadow the Hedgehog’s True Moral Compass,” and our personal favorite, “Dogs with Jobs — Occupations for the Canine Individual.” Plan for your next party accordingly!

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