July 23, 2019


A Tribe Called Blendz: Meet Our Chief Content Coordinators

Get to know “J + J,” the crack team behind our content coordination, below:




Blenders: Jordan, tell the good people out there what you do here at Blenders.

Jordan: I am the Content Coordinator here at Blenders! That entails finding photographers and working closely with them to produce amazing imagery for our brand to use to showcase all the great products we sell! I also do some other things when I am available, such as helping out in retail and discovering athletes! Not my job, but I love this place and I am willing to help where I can!

Blenders: Fav thing about San Diego?

Jordan: The laid-back vibe I get from everyone that lives here! Or walking down the goat trail to go surf Blacks is pretty amazing.

Blenders: What’s that “bucket list” travel destination you’ve never been to?

Jordan: I would definitely like to travel to Oz and Bali strictly for the surf. I lived in J Bay for a year and still find myself being pulled back there, too, but those are the places I haven't been that I would love to see!

Blenders: Most cringeworthy memory from grade school?

Jordan: Most cringeworthy moment in grade school would be my whole 7th and 8th grade year being the chubby kid and being called Michelin man :( but it's allllll good, I shed the baby fat!

Blenders: You’re big time (like, even bigger time than you are now) and you’ve got a red carpet affair. Who are ya showing up with in a perfect world?

Jordan: I would show up to a red carpet event with Katy Schlemmer since it was probably her production we were there to celebrate/support.   **Ed. Note: Slick answer, Jordan.

Blenders: Imagine you need a walk-up song in baseball (or a WWE ring entrance jam, take your pick). What bop are you going with?

Jordan: Carry on Wayward Son solo by: Kansas. Specifically at 2min 45 seconds into the song.

Blenders: What are your Top 3 fav pairs of Blendz?

Jordan: Wild Delilah, Velvet Kay, Gold Mamba


Wild Delilah


Gold Mamba





Blenders: Sup, Jayden. What’s your role with Blendz?

Jayden: Well, my official title is ‘Social Media Coordinator.’ Basically, I’m in charge of managing all of our social media channels which entails posting only the steeziest content, engaging with our amazing blend heads and blenderettes, and most of all creating a rad community that we’re all proud of! 

Blenders: Fav thing about San Diego?

Jayden: The lifestyle. Everyone seems to enjoy life here more than anywhere else in the nation. Whether it be catching a sunset or paddling out for a surf, I just feel alive here in San Diego. I feel like I’m truly living here, not just existing. There’s a relaxed beach vibe with a perfect mix of hustle that you can’t find anywhere else. 

Blenders: Your “bucket list” travel destination?

Jayden: The Philippines! I’ve spent almost half a year in Southeast Asia but never got to experience The Philippines. There are 10,000+ islands there to explore and I’ve always wanted to find a private island to chill on for a day. 

Blenders: Imagine you have your own “Freaky Friday” moment. Who are ya wanting to swap places with?

Jayden: Laird Hamilton. The dude surfs 50+ foot waves with ease… Could you imagine that feeling?! I probably will never experience that in my life, so yeah, that’d be pretty epic. 

Blenders: Most cringeworthy memory from grade school?

Jayden: I had a crush on this girl and tried to start a tag game with her in PE. She tagged me back and I fell and broke my wrist on the first day of 5th grade… 

Blenders: Like Jordan, you’ve got a red carpet affair. Who ya taking?

Jayden: Oprah Winfrey, hands down. What a power move. 

Blenders: Walk-up song in baseball/ring entrance music?

Jayden: Eye of The Tiger - Survivor 

Blenders: Annnnd your Top 3 Blendz?

Jayden: Whiskey Shiner, Modern Architect, University Heights


Whiskey Shiner




University Heights


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