July 23, 2019


A Tribe Called Blendz: Meet Our Design Dream Team

Our fam here is growing and shining brighter every month. In the last installment of our “Tribe Called Blendz” feature, you heard how our chief content coordinators, Jordan and Jayden, create such a sick sense of community around here. This time, though? It’s all about our design dream team.

Meet DK and Vanessa, the dynamic duo behind our dope designs!




Blenders: DK, tell the good people out there what you do here at Blenders. 

DK: I’m one of the designers here at Blenders Eyewear and it’s part of my job to help our company communicate what our brand stands for and why our products are like no other in visually, creative ways. Whether that’s through Instagram stories, new colorways for frames or even a simple bar flyer you’ll find at a local Pacific Beach bar, every design has to visually represent us so when you come in contact with it you know instantly it’s from Blendz. Designing for Blenders goes hand in hand with adapting our beliefs to my own lifestyle. We have many culture codes here, but our main one is living life in forward motion. Whether that’s doing extreme sports, traveling or just doing your best in your day-to-day activities to learn from experiences, it means bettering your craft and being the best version of yourself. We’re constantly pushing our designs, trying out new styles and pushing our visuals to keep pace with our growing company. 

Blenders: Where do you find yourself pulling design inspiration from? Any particular sources?

DK: I pull a lot of inspiration from tons of different types of YouTube videos that range from music videos, travel vlogs, DIY remodels, etc. All visually, musically and intuitively inspiring.

Blenders: You get to cast yourself in any role in any film in history. Which one are ya choosing?

DK: I would want to be cast as Jordan Belfort from Wolf of Wall Street. Maybe not the most conventional way of gaining success nor the most honorable, but there’s something so captivating about someone willing to do whatever it takes to reach their goals—even if that means having to create an illegal path to reach it.

Blenders: What would you say is your favorite aspect of living in San Diego?

DK: San Diego is a large city with a small town feel. I was born and raised here so things have a familiarity to them, but because it’s constantly growing with more people moving here and new businesses popping up, things never stay stagnant. There’s just the right amount of change to keep you on your toes!

Blenders: It’s a big night out at the bar with friends. What’s your go-to karaoke bop?

DK: Boy With Luv by BTS (KPOP). I have no shame at my love for kpop. I pull a lot of design inspiration from this group, specifically! haha

Blenders: Imagine you have an extra hour in your day, every day. What would you do with that time?

DK: I would like to say I would be productive and try to pick up a new hobby, draw more, or even start working out, but realistically I probably would use it sleeping.

Blenders: What’s your favorite pair (or pairs) of Blendz?

DK: Dixieland Grand, and Nocturnal Q.





Nocturnal Q 




Blenders: Vanessa, let everyone know what you do here at Blenders.

Vanessa: I can honestly say I dabble in a bit of everything, whether its designing some sunnies, coming up with content, or editing some imagery—call me the Blenders Bumble Bee. My main bread and butter (yum) is designing marketing assets. I would say I’m pretty instrumental when it comes to making sure Blenders is shown and represented the way it wants to be. I make sure Blenders is authentically itself in all things design, which is easy to do when you believe in the core values of the company yourself.

Blenders: Where do you find yourself pulling design inspiration from?

Vanessa: I pull inspiration from all the different shapes I find in Hot Cheetos and Chase Fisher’s outfits. JUST KIDDING! Most of my inspo comes from my Latin background, festival outfits, clothing brands, and most importantly my lava lamp. 

Blenders: What would you say is your favorite aspect of living in San Diego?

Vanessa: I liked it when it was Sun Diego but recently its been Gray Diego. As cliche as it sounds my favorite place in the world is the beach and San Diego has one for all your moods and vibes.

Blenders: Imagine you have your own “Freaky Friday” moment. Who are ya wanting to swap places with?

Vanessa: There is this Weiner dog I know named Lola. She lives on a boat, travels the world.

Blenders: Craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Vanessa:  Was pretty scared of heights until my best friend forced me to jump out of a plane… liked it so much I went back for my solo jump.

Blenders: You can travel back in time to any era. You a Roaring 20s kinda person? Trying to ride a dinosaur? Tell us when.

Vanessa: Hands down, without a doubt the 70s. I love their fashion and I dress like that now but with a modern spin. Also, they raged pretty hard in the 70s.

Blenders: Most cringeworthy memory from grade school?


Blenders: Imagine you have an extra hour in your day, every day. What would you do with that time?

Vanessa: I would treasure hunt.

Blenders: Favorite pair(s) of Blendz?

Vanessa: Whiskey Shiner, Diamond Mint, and Westside.


Whiskey Shiner



Diamond Mint





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