December 10, 2019


Tom Schaar Honored With Forbes "30 Under 30" Sports Selection

Tom, you’ve gone and done it again.

Professional skateboarder and Blenders Brand Ambassador, Tom Schaar, is used to doing really, really amazing things at a really, really young age. So hey, we can’t sit here and tell you we’re shocked he just made the Forbes 30 Under 30 - Sports 2020 List. But are we excited and absolutely blown away?

Hell yes.

And let’s be direct: While it absolutely shouldn’t be surprising Tom made the prestigious-as-all-get-out list that “spotlights the next generation of talent,” given his gnarly list of radical early accomplishments, you gotta stop and remember—he’s only 20. A few months back, he would have been a teenager eligible to make someone’s friggin’ “20 Under 20” list, were they inclined to put it together.

So, yeah. The “30 Under 30” at age 20? Dude, Tom, you’re making garden variety overachievers look like underachievers.



Here’s a refresher on Tom’s accomplishments in case you’ve been disconnected from the world of skateboarding the last, um, nearly decade:


  • Repeated the 1080 feat under official competition rules in Tehachapi, California in March of 2012
  • The youngest X Games gold medalist in history
  • Nine-time X Games gold medalist
  • The youngest Vans Pool Party champion in history
  • The youngest Austin X Games “Big Air” gold medalist in history


That’s just a teaser, really. And as for the future? Well, aside from doing a bang-up job reppin’ us as part of the Blenders Athlete Entourage, in March of this year Tom was named to the inaugural USA Skateboarding Team. That means he’ll be competing in the sport’s Olympic debut at the Tokyo 2020 Games.

So, so sick.

Hey, Tom, keep on doing your thing, man, and serious props for your selection to the Forbes 30 Under 30 List. We couldn’t be prouder and can scarcely wait to see what the new year holds for ya!



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