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1.Marble Caves in Chile

Thousands of years of Lake General Carrera’s waters splashing up against the walls these caves have created the swirling texture. The azure lake reflects on the inside of the cave making its marble look appear blue. Just a 3o minute boat ride and you can glide through this cave for yourself.Marble_Caves_Patagonia_08-728x485Marble-Cave

2. Waitomo Glowworm Caves in New Zealand

These caves are home to a species of glowworms, the Arachnocampa luminosa, that are found only in New Zealand. You can take a boat ride through the cave filled with thousands of glowworms that are each only about the size of a mosquito. The guided tour runs all year long, 7 days a week, $48 for adults, and $21 for children.Glowworm-CaveWaitomo-Caves

3. Hang Son Doong Caves in Vietnam

This cave is the largest in the world and was just recently discovered in 2009. It is so massive that it even has its own jungle, river, and climate. It is over 650 feet high and almost 500 feet long and visitors have to repel in harnesses down over 250 feet to enter the cave. Yet the experience of exploring this wonder is worth it.caves-2_2948990kcaves-1_2948977k

4. Batu Caves in Malaysia

This cave is home to a Hindu temple and shrine and thousands of visitors and worshippers flock to it every year especially during Thaipusam an annual Hindu festival. These 400 million year old limestone caves are also home to macaques monkeys.Batu-Caves-Edit-Editmalaysia-cave

5. Fingals Cave in Scotland

This cave is located on the uninhibited island Staffa in Scotland and is known for its natural acoustics. A boat is needed to access the cave and tours are available where you can hear the eerie sounds the ocean makes crashing inside. The scenery with coastal and mountainous views makes the journey to the cave and the cave itself the spectacle that it is. 1405551786979Caves-Scotland-views

6. Giant Crystal Cave in Mexico

Inside these caves are some of the largest crystals in the world called selenite crystals, however, to see them for yourself,  you have to have certain protection otherwise you can only experience them for 10 minutes. The caves’ air temperature is extremely hot and unpleasant at 136 degrees and 99 percent humidity. Crystal-Cave-of-the-Giants

7. Benagil Sea Cave in Portugal

Off the Algarve Coast lies a pristine beach home to this sea cave that is always topping charts of places to visit. The crashing waves has created its structure and is now a playground for boaters, swimmers, and sun bathers

8. Reed Flute Cave in China

This cave is illuminated by multi-colored lights and gets its name from the reeds here that you can make into flutes. Inscriptions on the walls date back to 792 AD and though the lights are just for the experience it truly makes the interior of these caves surreal. The limestone walls, pillars, and rock formations are only made better with the colors of the rainbow.Reed_Flute_Cave_China_04psychedelic-reed-flute-cave-china-woe19. Melissani Cave in Greece

This cave is surrounded by forests on the island of Kefalonia in Greece with crystal clear waters perfect for swimming. The cave creates a cenote like pool and the sun shines down in illuminating the breathtaking views. Sights from below and above the caves are equally beautiful. melissani-viewmelissani_cave_c

10. Tham Lod Cave in Thailand

Kayak down the Nam Lang River which flows through this cave in northern Thailand and look up at all the stalactites and stalagmites (the drooping rock formations). Guided tours provide paraffin lanterns to light up the dark surroundings as you walk through the cave’s trails. Tham-Lod-Cave-ThailandTham-Lod-Cave-Thailand

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