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On a wet Monday What a better distraction than The Blonde Abroad in Croatia



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The Blonde Abroad‘ takes over our blog again to share her tips and tricks from her travels to Croatia.

Six Unforgettable Experiences In Croatia

This beautiful nation lies on the Adriatic sea, and is famous for its majestic and resource-rich coastline. Series of islands along with the beautiful historic cities help to make this an amazing destination, but there is a lot more to a trip to Croatia than that. There are some wonderful places to visit and activities that make up an unforgettable trip, so here are six experiences you have to include into your Croatia itinerary when you visit!

Sailing In The Yacht Week – Croatia

The Yacht Week is one of those European events that really does tick all of the boxes, and combines the amazing scenery of the Croatian coastline with a regatta of lovely boats and the wonderful people that you meet on board. Whether you join a boat with new friends or old, you can enjoy the camaraderie along the way and you can really get a sense of how beautiful this part of the Adriatic is. Combine this with spending time enjoying a few glasses of wine, meeting people from around the world on other boats in the regatta, and The Yacht Week really is one of the highlights of the summer in Croatia.

Savor A Sunset In Rovinj

One of the many historic cities along the coastline, Rovinj, is a lovely place to visit with charming streets and picturesque buildings, particularly in the older part of town. The sunsets here are particularly breathtaking, with the golden sky reflecting beautifully on the waters in the harbor. You have to enjoy some delicious Istrian wine and fresh seafood while you are here!

Go Truffle Hunting

For those who get to travel into the interior of Croatia to the region of Istria, you will find the home one of the most important delicacies in European cooking. With both black and white truffles grow around the region, and many restaurants will offer to take visitors out truffle hunting with the dogs that are trained to follow the scent. Most tours will usually end with a chef-cooked meal at a local restaurant, using your freshly hunted truffles!

Spend The Night In A Lighthouse

There are few places in the world where you can really get away from it all and enjoy the solitude, but the Porer lighthouse is one that lies on a small islet around a mile and a half off the Croatian coast. Often considered to be one of the most romantic destinations in the country, this beautifully converted lighthouse offers excellent accommodation, a wonderful panoramic view around the lighthouse and a stunning place to relax for the evening.

Take A Dip At Krka National Park

Krka National Park is one of Croatia’s best-known attractions, and the naturally colorful pools here provide a spectacular backdrop to relax with friends and to swim in the pristine waters. In the summer you will often find people flocking to the area to swim and to enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings, and after a dip you can also hike around the park to see many of the other pools and lakes around the area. This was one of my favorite trips in Croatia!

Celebrate At A Beach Party In Hvar

Off the coast of Croatia, the island of Hvar is known for its spectacular beaches, and are often home to plenty of tourists enjoying the weather. However, it’s when the sun goes down that the beaches really become busy, as the beach clubs open their doors, the music and drinks start flowing! This is a great place to enjoy the Croatian nightlife and there is a range of clubs found around the island to suit many different tastes.

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